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Cleaning is normally associated with soaps and other chemicals. Nanobubbles and, in particular, CO2 nanobubbles are an efficient and ecological alternative. nanobubble technology NAECOER It has been used widely, effectively, and economically to clean everything from automobiles to windows, heavy equipment, metals, commercial buildings, and more. The combination of the penetrating properties of nanobubbles and the degreasing capabilities of CO2 provides a convenient, chemical-free solution for small and large scale cleaning applications.


Traditional hydrocarbon extraction and processing is highly dependent on the use of threatened water resources and toxic chemicals. The nanobubbles generated by NAECOER and distributed in liquid form serve as chemical-free resources to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of oil and gas recovery, oil/water separation, iron and sulfide oxidation, soil remediation, and water reclamation of process. The implementation of the nanobubble technology of NAECOER Significantly reduces the use of chemicals. So the process water becomes reusable.

The leaching processes used in the recovery of minerals from mined ore leave chemically toxic wastewater in large quantities. The nanobubbles generated by NAECOER they can be used to effectively and efficiently adjust the pH of wastewater and reduce the need for chemical coagulants and flocculants, minimizing the environmental impacts of mining operations on surrounding communities.


Our technology covers a wide range of equipment and systems that have the purpose of disinfecting and purifying air, as well as the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms that cause health problems, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, allergens, fungal spores, dust and pollen, among others.

The use of nanobubbles for disinfection and purification minimizes food loss due to spoilage during storage, cross-contamination and the discomfort of patients with asthma or respiratory problems. In the same way, it reduces the microorganisms present in the air of laboratories and offices. This achieves more efficient isolation of infection rooms in hospitals, clinics and medical centers, guaranteeing greater protection for people.

As you have seen, nanobubbles can create a lot of value for your business

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