Nobody doubts the benefits of taking a bath and enjoying relaxation in swimming pools and spas. However, everyone complains about the smell and the negative effects caused by highly chlorinated water. These problems are the result of the need to protect bathers from dangerous pathogens that are introduced into these bodies of water, and to improve the diving experience. That's why traditional maintenance with expensive chemicals has been the industry standard for decades.


NAERCOER nanobubble technology offers a more cost-effective alternative to traditional treatments. Now pools and spas can be crystal clear, odor-free and healthy for bathers thanks to long-lasting nanobubbles that contribute to sanitation and pH control.

This technology makes it possible to optimize the care of the water in Olympic swimming pools, and also improve its use. By introducing nanobubbles NAECOER Instead of chemicals or chlorine, we can reduce the friction of the water on swimmers to improve their athletic performance.

As you have seen, nanobubbles can create a lot of value for your business

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